About Us

Start anything with yourself, don’t wait for others and don’t wait for examples. You do it, because you know it’s right. It’s okay to be wrong, because it just means one day you will be right.

Our mission at rise-up.co.in is to empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge of self development and life changing stories. With new motivational videos, interviews and write-ups from entrepreneurs, life coaches, celebrities and inspirational people from all around the world. With an apt to deliver and to give an idea about what it really takes to become a successful human being.

The core idea of starting this website is to instill good habits, a compassionate mind and in educating and inspiring people all over the world to always strive for success no matter what the circumstances may it be, whether change is good or bad, be it scary, and that’s fine. The thing we need to be able to do is conquer that fear and keep moving to make positive changes in our lives. You have to get yourself into a frame of mind where you come face to face with the fact that your life is short and that you ought to be successful in this shortest time.

Before we experience any pain, we already had a fixed view of how things should be. When the experience we encounter contradicts our views, then the pain arises. The pain arises due to our fixed views not so much the experience itself. So the secret is changing the views.

Committed to “inspired service” for everything we encounter and is about going above all means and beyond to ensure that every person we interact with is not simply happy, but thrilled with the overall experience we provide. We inspire and serve by continuously pushing ourselves to improve customer value in everyday life and ensure each individual gets his due respect and honor equally. We respect and appreciate people’s differences and look for people’s strengths instead of focusing on their weaknesses. We commit to open, honest communication and take ownership for our relationships.

The aim is to bring the best and believe that each one of us have the potential but due to day to day strife surrounding us, we are laid back, and we at “rise-up.co.in” are determined to work towards this goal.

The Humble Story

Bonjour, my name is Amithab and I live in Hyderabad (India), the beautiful city of Pearls and Innovation & Technology. I have always been fascinated by the rich culture and heritage of my country and had this desire to pen down its rich and vast culture but circumstances took a different sphere.

The idea of starting this website came long back, but things did not go well and I am forced to keep it low, knowing the financial aspect and moreover, things turned even worse over the period, but the urge and fire kept me alive and somehow I managed to start with whatever little resources I could garner.

I couldn’t deal with all the changes that were happening in my life and felt like all my dreams going down the drain. The future seemed bleak. I felt rejected and lost my profile nowhere to be seen anytime soon.

Eventually I have to quit my job and I was working for myself full time. Even when my business was going well, I was constantly worrying about the finances. And in the initial stages I struggled to pay up my mortgage and credit bills. The fear of not able to withstand was worrying me day out and night, if I could ever clear the bills as my income got stagnated due to collapse of world trade market then and the thought of going back to a regular job was hammering me.

If you bake bread with bitterness in your heart, you’ll bake bitter bread and then I realized that passion is everything when it comes to having your own business. It’s got to be something you’re really interested in, it’s got to be something you’re excited about. And I wasn’t super passionate about my business I was excited to be able to work for myself, but ultimately, I wasn’t super passionate about it.

A few years down the road and in search of insight I ventured through every sphere of life and in the process, I gained awareness and the tools I needed to rebuild my life. It also required changing the set of rules I was living by; going from society’s rules to living my own truth and some of the most painful times of my life.

And I linked up in my mind that being from a down town meant people don’t like you. And being rich, having cool, nice things, people want to be your friend.

Whatever it is that you want to achieve, whatever goal you want, you can have it. All you have to do is decide to have it, and your success is inevitable if only you’re willing to do the work. If you’re willing to take action and the risk to make it happen in the world, and if you’re willing to do the work on yourself. And work through your fears, your doubts, limiting your beliefs. You got to be willing to be critized by other people. Dare to take financial risks, no matter what. The most valuable things I learned were, how to let go of the poverty mindset, the welfare mindset that I grew up in, and to have a much more abundant mindset. When I grew up feeling like I was poor, in reality, I was even rich back then, I just didn’t realize it. But when you let go of the fear of not having enough, then you realize that there’s always been enough, and there always will be enough. The richest person in the world isn’t the person with the most money; it’s the person with the most gratitude.

Delivering raw emotion is not about reaching everyone; it’s about reaching a few people who can then be inspired by what you do. Raw emotion without action is useless. By inspiring people, you can get them to trust you and take action. Raw emotion allows you to get people to do stuff they never thought was possible. You feel different when you deliver raw emotion.

No one is perfect nor am I. I’m just like you with both strengths and weakness and my own day-to-day struggles. I can say for certain, however, that I feel this were the best years of my life ever which transformed me and gave me the identity which I needed most.

Presently; all the focus is on establishing the website and once we are done, will come back with all our Member profiles, till then be happy and stay tuned.