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One of the ancient forms of healing technique is through massage therapy which was followed by all in the early times. There are several benefits of facial massages and it is also conveyed that simple and do it yourself massages done routinely can make the skin look firmer, smoother and younger always. This is possible as with massage, tension is released, the fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, circulation increases, moisture balance maintained, impurities diminished, facial muscles tightened and finally resulting in a radiance skin. 

The different ways through which massages benefit us are by making the skin smoother, radiant and also firmer. These are by:

Toxin and impurity release 

Fine lines and sagging skin minimized and removed. 

Tension released. 

Radiance of the skin is maximized. 

The moisture balance of the skin is normalized. 

There are simple steps for facial massages which can be done easily at home. Otherwise there are many massage centers and therapy outlets which are present everywhere to get the real professional massage. 

Facial massage has proved to have several benefits such as relieving migraine, premenstrual syndrome, stress, headaches and even sinus congestion’s. The entire massage may include either a portion of the body or the entire body. Facial massage is usually done with hands especially the fingers there are even devices which are used for performing the facial in spas and saloons. 

Massages have been used by people around the globe for various reasons such as for cosmetic enhancement, pain relief and also for several healing touches. This practice has been started from years back. A Chinese medical text which was written long back, about third century B.C is the first ever written proof of the entire massaging process. Apart from this, earlier medical literature of several countries such as India, Persia, Greece and even Japan also recorded the use of massage therapy. 

There are two different aspects for the facial massage namely, Eastern therapy and the Western therapy. In Eastern therapies, the entire aspect of massage is a whole body massage focusing on the pressure points which are placed at neck and face. This helps to stimulate the blood and lymph flow. There are several exceptions where oils are not used for facial massage such as yoga, shiatsu and acupressure. 

Benefits from Eastern massage:

Eyestrain relief. 

Neck tension relief. 

Meridian points stimulation on the face. 

Premenstrual water retention relief. 

Gall bladder and liver imbalances corrected. 

Nervous disorders alleviated. 

In the Western therapies, the aspect of facial massage was recently understood during the twentieth century. It was more popular in the continent of Europe. From the European practitioners it was spread to other states by them as they taught them. The massage at these areas was considered to be the one related to the make up artist rather than the massage therapies. 

Benefits from Western therapies:

Facial pain and headache relief. 

Muscle tone and facial skin improvement. 

Mental and physical relaxation. 

Eye and facial muscle relaxation. 

Basic Steps Involved In a Massage:

For beginning the facial message the cleanliness of the face is very important. This could be attained by cleansing the face with a good cleanser to remove any excess make up. Cleansing also helps in skin exfoliation and dead cells removal. The next step is the application of small amount of oil or moisturizer for the start of massage. Oil is very essential as it aims in providing a slippery surface for the entire massage process. Therefore, the skin does not get pulled by the fingers thus forming any stretches. Oil promotes the mildness of the massage on the face.

In Western-style facial massage, the entire aspect of full facial massage which is to be a part of the whole body massage varies from the full facial treatment. This is to include techniques like steaming, masks etc. A normal body massage is to have a facial massage either at the commencement or at the ending of the entire massage therapy.

The most important feature of the Western-style facial massage is the effleurage which is the gliding movement present throughout the massage. The massaging should be done in such a way that the skin is not stretched out so the process has to be firm, gentle and stimulating too. The strokes which require a light pressure has to be directed upwards so as to give uplift to the face rather than the dragging the skin thus leading to sagging skin. 

The distinctive steps involved in the usual facial massage are:

The most important thing being cleanliness and hygiene, the primary step is to wash the hands thoroughly with soap and water, so as to remove any kind of dirt. The customer should be asked to remove contact lens, if the person is wearing one. 

Even though a facial massage could be done at any kind of flat surface like clean floor, the most comfortable position is to sit on a massage chair or on a massage bed. 

With the help of facial sponges or wet cotton pads, cleanser could be applied and has to be massaged thoroughly to remove the excess dirt and to make the face clean for the facial massage. After the massage, the cleanser could be wiped off with the wet cotton pads which are even readily available. 

In circular symmetrical way, slowly massage the face and neck with cream or lotion to be massaged with. Each and every facial muscle has to be covered. Massage thoroughly in the upwards direction on the neck and also along the line of face. 

Slowly reach the forehead with the back of the hands along with a slight pressure. Gently bring both thumbs side by side in the center and move them outwards slowly towards the temple. Repeat the massage as it relives any kind of tension which exists in the temples. 

Place the hands along the side of the face and apply light pressure along the hollow area beneath the eyebrows. With the help of the thumb, press one spot at a time under the ridge. Relieve pressure from the inner eyebrows to the outer region and continue the giving slight pressure with the thumb. Tensions headaches could be relieved by repeating this. 

Cover the face with the hands bringing the thumb along the bridge of the nose. With the help of the thumb, slide down towards the nostrils and then along the line of the cheeks and also apply pressure on the way gently. On reaching the hairline, slightly start releasing the pressure. Then, move the hands towards the head and thus moving away from the face. Repeat the same two times. 

Tension in the cheeks could reduce by producing circular slow movements along the contour of the cheeks. 

An enjoyable and relaxing massage is along the ear rim. Massage gently and slowly along the rim of the ear with the thumb and index finger. 

Place your fingers firmly on the back of the neck and place thumb on a spot on the jaw line and then circle slowly at one area later on moving to another. Stroke away gently massaging on the chin downwards. End up by moving along the jaw line. The tension around the jaw muscles and mouth could be alleviated. 

Scalp is also important so massage with small circular motions and the comb hair with the fingers so that tension could be released from the face and head thus enhancing the scalp. 

End up by removing the lotion with the help of wet cotton pads. Apply the after massage cream. 

In Eastern therapies, pressure is applied to specific points on the face so as to unblock or stimulate the vital energy flow into various meridians. There are certain points on the face which allows them to massage on. 

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