Five things that can make you ruin your job


It may sound a little disturbing just to think of someone writing about How to ruin your job in five different ways, however, it’s not how to ruin, it’s how YOU ruin.

The goal of this article is to address how every one of us, including me at my early career stages, tends to distract himself while building his early career by adopting a specific approach. That approach is in general a good one, but the way everyone holds it is the real problem. The approach is simply “Why wouldn’t I start-up my own business?”

It is 90% of all employees working for companies, whether multinationals or locals, who might always be thinking of starting their own business. They keep telling themselves that they should not work for someone else and they should be their own boss considering a full time job as a full time slavery. In fact, they are absolutely right ONLY IF THEY COULD START THEIR OWN BUSINESS.

What most of today’s employees do is letting that idea control their emotions, dreams, ambition and future plans to an extent that minimizes their performance and shortening their long-term settings as successful calibers for their company. On the other hand they never quit and start their business.

Having the idea of quitting and starting up own business might be a good thing, but at most cases it could be the self destructing curse of all times. The result of adopting that idea and holds it for being only an idea makes what I call” The Five Syndromes of Failure” with which it has never been easier to ruin your daily job career.

The Five Syndromes of Failure:

(1) You start criticizing everything in your working environment as if you know everything about everything:

(2) Everything seems stupid and it ends up with you unsatisfied:

(3) You end up deciding that you will just do what is requested No more and No less:

(4) Start recruiting others your way:

(5) Bad comes to worse:

Now you know exactly where that idea is taking you. If you thought for a moment that my advice to you is to give up that silly idea and focus on your career path as employee, then you really did not get my message. My message in few words is that it’s either to reshape your mind as an employee and be good at it, or to reshape it as an entrepreneur. No mix could be achieved, so when you start adopting the idea of starting up your own business you better do it and stop wasting time, otherwise you will see exactly the five previous syndromes ruining your career.

Out of all these, there’s another policy most companies adopt these days and I was one of their victimization. The idea is as simple as it seems. Companies hunt for the best industry professionals and recruit them for their new start-up company by offering them their dream package without leaving you any time to decide, and there you are in a fix. With no other option left you tend to leave your long term job just for a few bucks more not realizing that there is no guaranty you will stay long.

The adoption policy of these companies are clear, once the set-up process is done and everything at its place you are nowhere to be seen in the company and you start criticizing, remarking and destructively commenting on your life and on everything that goes around you in your professional environment and for sure demolishes your professional image in the business and social circles the reputation you created all these long years.

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