Rosemary for hair loss


If you suffer from hair loss or it lacks shine and luster, or maybe you feel you have a lot of split ends and you fear having more hair stay on your brush than on your head, then it’s about time you were told about the hair benefit of Rosemary.

The Rosemary grows all year long, especially in hot and dry climates. Its leaves are needle shaped in green and grey, with a blue flowering.

This is an ancient herb that has been used in many cultures over thousands of years. Conventional medicine has used it mainly to treat headaches, migraines and digestive problems.

However, it turns out that Rosemary is good for at least one more thing: It has the ability to strengthen the roots of our hair and prevent loss.

The method is extremely simple, and the secret is in the brewing!

How to make a Rosemary brew?

First, take a little branch of Rosemary, and pick off the leaves.

Second, put the leaves in a pot of water and heat it up till boiling.

Third, after it boils, you’ll need let the brew cool (with the leaves in it) for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, you can take out the leaves and transfer the brew to a container, which you can keep in the fridge to keep it fresh.

How to use the brew?

When you take a shower and are washing your hair, wet your scalp and pour the Rosemary brew on it. You should massage your scalp to make sure the liquid has been spread all over the hair.

Since the brew has been sitting in the fridge, it may be uncomfortable for a few seconds before you get used to it.

There is no need to use the entire batch, just enough to cover all your hair.

After you massage the Rosemary in, you do not wash your hair but put a towel over it and leave it so for about 10 minutes, to allow the brew to seep into the weak hair roots.

The towel may be painted in a bit of red, but it will get off in the laundry. However, the hair will not show any signs of the treatment, but will actually become shinier and stronger, and will not break as much.

After using the brew, you’ll be free to return to your regular shower schedule. You can use this every day, since it is a natural, and not a chemical solution.

Other uses for Rosemary:

– Against head lice: Brew 50 grams of Rosemary in a liter of boiling water for 15 minutes and then filter them. Then allow it to cool. During the shower, pour on head after washing it.

– For a head cold, the flu, headache, throat inflammation and digestive diseases Brew 5-7 leaves of Rosemary in a glass of hot water, make sweet with honey, soak for 3 minutes and drink.

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