If you could be 0.01% better


If you could be 0.1% better than you were yesterday do you think people would notice? Would your boss congratulate you on a job well done? Would you get a raise? Would your Company offer you new perks for being such a great performer?

You’re probably thinking that 0.1% is such an infinitesimal number that it is too small to make a difference. But, think about this, do you remember the gold medal winner in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games? You probably do; a lot of people do, it was Justin Gatlin of the United States that finished in a time of 9.85 seconds. Do you remember who won the silver medal? Probably not. Not many people remember the second place finisher. The first place finisher is the real winner and people remember the second place finisher. The first place finisher is the real winner and people remember winners. But think about this, the silver medal winner was Francis Obikwelu of Portugal that finished in a time of 9.86 seconds. Guess what? That’s a difference of 0.01 seconds between first place and second place. Justin Gatlin was 0.1% better than Francis Obikwelu. 0.1% made all the difference in the world to Justin and he is a winner.

What does this mean for you in business? Top business professionals have the same personality characteristics as top sports performers. Justin Gatlin won the gold medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics because he trained every day to perform when it counted. It took years of work. Every day he became better and stronger than he was the day before and it all climaxed on the day he won the gold medal. That 9.85 seconds of glory took year’s t lead up to. Top business performers learn new skills every day. They learn their business, they learn their competitors business, they learn how to develop their skills, they learn new business skills, they learn how to apply their strengths, they learn new ways to sell themselves, they develop new relationships with customers, clients, colleagues.

Every day is a new opportunity for a top business performer. If a top business performer is 0.1% better than they were they day before this gets compounded until one day they become the best in their field. Look around your office and you will recognize these top performers. You know who they are. The entire office knows who they are. They don’t become top performers by luck, they become with their hard work and dedication and the sacrifices they make during this period.

You can do it to. It’s never too late to start changing your habits. Be like Justin Gatlin and you will be a superstar business performer. You just need to be 0.01% better than you were yesterday and people will notice. You too can be a winner.

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